What is your payment policy? 

Although we consider the patient to be responsible for his or her account, we are pleased to be able to assist you in choosing from several payment options we have available. 

For those patients who do not have dental insurance, payment choices consist of cash, checks or any major credit card at the time treatment is rendered. 

Patients who have dental insurance will receive the courtesy of having our staff submit all necessary and appropriate forms to your insurance carrier. 

What if I need treatment on the weekend? 

We understand that problems with teeth don't always happen during office hours! In an emergency, contact our office on the weekend for advice. A tape-recording service will relay the message to our doctor on call.

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How are appointments handled? 

The professionals at Endodontics Northwest respect your time and strive to deliver quality service in a timely manner. The extent of treatment on your first appointment depends on the extent of the problem, the amount of discomfort and the health of the patient. 

Typically at the first appointment, your doctor will diagnose the problem, determine treatment, and prescribe medications so that therapy can be completed in either one or two subsequent appointments. Occasionally, circumstances dictate or allow treatment at the first appointment. 

In order to expedite your treatment and minimize post treatment difficulty, we ask you to keep scheduled appointments. We understand that unexpected circumstances may change your plans, and we try to be as flexible as possible. In the event you must cancel, we request 24-hour notice. If notice isn't received in that time, a fee may be assessed.